Sunday, December 14, 2014

Virtual Reality

This is nothing to do with the concepts for virtual reality. In past few days i have been seeing the implications of messaging apps and its effects on my behavior. I wont name the application but one the the most popular chatting applications of today's generation, has brought me to a startling discovery. Though we type in text and stuff on chat the response do play a role in the emotions after it.

            One of recent events when I took my personal differences on public chat, later on the after effects where adverse. I have been noticing we are getting some what addict to this technology. This would be thumbs up of software engineers who has made a system that has achieved it, but as a victim of it, I would say it is a difficult stuff to gulp at end of the day. We do check the last seen of people just to take a look at wht he or she is up to. You have messaged and waiting for reply...indirectly checking his or hers last seen an speculating that the person is avoiding you. I did harsh conclusion but it does feels that way.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Journey Begins

The Days....

          Wondering how things behave and the nature of fabric around it. The world and the people in it equally contribute to its well begin. With one action affects another.