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Life moves on

Life moves so fast, that you gotta document it and this is my share.
The most important thing I learned in this year

When you fully trust someone without any doubt, you finally get one of two results

A person for life


A lesson for life

For lessons, there is no such thing as a painless lesson.


What an year it has been. From experiencing a new country to falling in love, and yeah got hurt. But its fine.

I pick my self up look back at sky and smile and I am telling with smirk..."try me". I am ready for 2018, with more passion for work or love what a wonderful wonderful life.

Joy and Happiness these two words. Both are different words and only when you learn the real meaning behind them, you will have the smirk that I am having right now. Specially for life, its so unpredictable. Simply going with the flow will tell you a lot about yourself.

Being single its a bliss and well for now I am enjoying, till the right one knocks me off.

I will put forward my experience for 2…

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